Pope Francis describes the importance of Confession and forgiveness


General Audience
Pope Francis
December 16, 2015

"Confession is an important sign of the Jubilee to receive. The sacrament by which we are reconciled with God is to have a direct experience of his Mercy and to find the Father who forgives. God forgives all. God understands us even in our limitations and contradictions. Not only that, he, in his love, tells us that when we  confess our sins, he is especially close to us and encourages us to move forward. He says more: 'When we confess our sins and ask for forgiveness there is a party in heaven.' Jesus throws a party, and that is his Mercy. Don't give up, go forward. How many times have I heard someone say: 'Father I cannot forgive... my neighbor my colleague my mother-in-law, my in-law...' We have all heard this. 'I cannot forgive' But how can we ask God to forgive us, then, if we are not ourselves capable of forgiveness. To forgive is a great thing. Of course, forgiving is not easy, because our hearts are lacking and we cannot do it with our own strength. But if we open ourselves to receive God's Mercy for us, we too, then, become capable of forgiveness. So many times have I heard someone say: 'I couldn't even look at that person. I hated that person. But one day I was asking the Lord to forgive my sins, and so I also forgave that person.' These are things that happen every day. And we have the same opportunity before us. "

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General Audience

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