Santa Maria, Orinda Challenging Parishoners to act with Mercy throughout Lent


Since Lent began, Santa Maria in Orinda has been challenging their parishioners to perform the Spiritual and Corporal Works of Mercy through Mass announcements and social media. If you'd like to join them in their Challenge, make sure to like their page on Facebook.

Week 1: Feed the Hungry
Parishioners donated food to St. Peter Martyr and St. Cornelius food pantries

Week 2: Admonish the Sinner and Comfort the Afflicted
Reflection in the bulletin and Homily at Mass

Week 3: Instruct the Ignorant
View websites that share knowledge of the Catholic faith, such as Busted HaloCatholic Exchange, and The Dynamic Catholic Institute.

Week 4: Visit the Imprisoned
More information found in the weekly bulletin

Last Modified: March 08, 2016 01:21 PM
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