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Mercy Project: Diocese of Oakland


Mercy Project: Diocese of Oakland

The Mercy Project is a Video Series that follows 14 stories in the Diocese of Oakland, from Richmond, to Walnut Creek, to West Oakland and beyond. Each video tells a story of someone who exemplifies a Work of Mercy. The people in these videos are from all walks of life, in very different churches and life situations, but they have found a way to let God’s Mercy shine through their actions. We hope you will be inspired to join them.

The goals of this video-based project are:

  1. To highlight the many ways in which the faithful of our Diocese are engaged in spiritual and corporal works of mercy. This will be done through video testimonies of 'ordinary' Catholics involved in ministries of mercy at the parish level.
  2. To inspire others to participate in works of mercy. Along with the video testimonies, contact information and/or links to parish programs and opportunities to practice works of mercy will be provided.
  3. To supply age-appropriate resources for spiritual and theological reflection (also on the website) so that engagement in the works of mercy is internalized as formation in missionary discipleship. To grow in appreciation and understanding of the 14 Works of Mercy, see the Reflections page.

The videos can be downloaded from the Oakland Diocese website to be shown at Masses, ministry gatherings, parish meetings, faith formation sessions, youth groups, etc.

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