Mercy At Work


It is good to have all of this information about Mercy, but how am I supposed to find and live out Mercy in my regular life, when I’m at work, at school, and with my family and friends? How does this affect me when I pay my bills, travel, donate, or suffer a tragedy? Mercy is not just an aspect of God you can hear about at church. It is something we can experience and practice in order to change the world around us for good. On these pages, you will find examples of people living out Mercy here in our diocese as well as ways for you personally to get involved. 

The Mercy Project: Diocese of Oakland

The Mercy Project is a Video Series that follows 14 stories in the Diocese of Oakland, from Richmond, to Walnut Creek, to West Oakland and beyond. Each video tells a story of someone who exemplifies a Work of Mercy. The people in these videos are from all walks of life, in very different parishes and life situations, but they have found a way to let God’s Mercy shine through their actions. We hope you will be inspired to join them. Read more . . .

To grow in appreciation and understanding of the 14 Works of Mercy, see the reflections page here.

Get Involved

There are many ways that you can make the Year of Mercy come alive in your neighborhood, your parish, and in your Diocese. The Year of Mercy is meant to inspire us to go outside of ourselves and actively move God’s Mercy into the world. Mercy does not sit still, it moves. Get involved and be a part of the multiple ways you can learn more, pray more, and do more.  Read more...