Parishes at Work

Parishes throughout the Diocese of Oakland have compiled the various ways their Parishes put Mercy into motion. If you've been inspired by Mercy you've encountered, share God's Mercy with others by participating in some of the Works of Mercy with your local Parish or start a new initiative at your Parish by seeing what other parishes are doing.

If your parish isn't listed, please  contact them and ask how to get involved. If you work for a parish and would like to list your information, you can complete the Parish Works of Mercy Template or submit documents listing similar information (brochures, charts. etc) and send them to

Good Shepherd, PittsburgHoly Spirit, FremontOur Lady of Grace, Castro ValleySt. Bonaventure, ConcordSt. Callistus, El SobranteSt. Edward, NewarkSt. Joan of ARC, San RamonSt. John the Baptist, El CerritoSt. Joseph, PinoleSt. Patrick, RodeoSt. Raymond, Dublin